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“Once I got arrested, I was just Mc Enroe’s son, Mc Enroe’s dopey son essentially,” he says. “I hated the way it changed how people treated you,” says Kevin. When I was playing tennis in high school, I used to say I was Kevin King.” “In a lot of ways it was great,” adds his younger sister, Emily. There was an expectation that I would be really good at playing sports.We would talk about, ‘Should we just go by O’Neal for tennis? But that’s his problem.' The interview comes as Kevin, Tatum's eldest child with her ex-husband, publishes his first novel Our Town, a fictional story based loosely on the life of his grandmother - and Tatum's mother - actress Joanna Moore.– and she also reveals a surprising new turn in her love life. “I definitely have been dating mostly women recently.” Of her sexuality, she says, “I’m not one or the other.” “I think women are the most amazing creatures on earth,” says the actress, 51.It took me a lot of ups and downs to figure that out.” Mc Enroe’s rep tells PEOPLE, “He loves Kevin.He read the book and thinks it’s great.” Kevin is also close with Mc Enroe’s second wife, Patty Smyth, with whom he had two kids, Anna, 19, and Ava, 16, and a stepdaughter, Ruby, 29.“It changed the way people viewed you and I was always dying to be my own person.” Now with his new novel , a heartbreaking fictionalized account of the life of Tatum’s mother, Joanna Moore, who was briefly married to Tatum’s dad, Ryan O’Neal, Kevin is making a name for himself.

1, I felt uncomfortable, like I didn't work for it.’ “When I was growing up, I used to think, ‘I have to get my Oscar before my mom,’ and then I passed that age quickly,” she says with a laugh.“I was like, ‘Well, that’s absolutely not going to happen.’ My parents have been the best at their careers.Opening up: Tatum O'Neal, 51, spoke about her relationships with her father, actor Ryan O'Neal, and her ex-husband, tennis great John Mc Enroe. They reunited a few years later and O'Neal was at her hospital bedside when she died from cancer in 2009You cannot be serious!

in an interview with the New York Times published on Sunday History repeating: The actress says people keep telling her that in marrying Mc Enroe, famous for his explosive temper, she was repeating the dynamic between herself and her father who she claimed was aggressive and hotheaded. Mc Enroe's famous temper flared on court during the 1980 Wimbledon Tennis Championships in London.Their split in 1992 led to a long custody battle over the children.