Who is cindy margolis dating

23-Jun-2017 22:31

Jeffrey James Lippold and Timmy Zickuhr were great! As for Cindy, no sequel, no spin-off, and no more dating guys young enough to be your son!Cynthia Dawn "Cindy" Margolis is an American glamor spokes model and actress, she is best known as an infomercial co-presenter including work with Tony Robbins and Don Lapre.She belongs to Caucasian ethnicity and American nationality.Talking about her personal life, Dawn is married to restaurateur Guy Starkman.

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The pilot episode shows each contestant walking down the isle like they are at a wedding. Not only is there no engagement, but no commitment to the premise of the show. Margolis shows her classy ways by making out with most of the guys on the show.

The aging star not only lies but she manipulates all the men on the show.

Like the audience watching this half baked series, we feel cheated and used.

Cindy Margolis was married to Guy Starkman but later got divorced.

Today, here we will let you know the personal life of Margolis.Cynthia Dawn "Cindy" Margolis (born October 1, 1965 in Los Angeles, California) is an American Model and actress.