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03-Jan-2018 02:58

I have put it here mainly for my own reference because I have not found another blog site where all this is all in the same place.PCSystem Type: Source link Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows Me/98/95: This property is not available.This is a two legged Direct Access implementation; where one NIC is in DMZ network & another one in LAN.

By default these ISATAP interface names looks like isatap. ISATAP Interfaces can be seen using IPConfig or NETSH command i.e.So digging a bit deeper I found that it creates a WMI filter in Group Policy called “Direct Access – Laptop only WMI filter” and adds the “Direct Access Client Settings” GPO to that filter.Below I break down what the filter is and give some information on how you can create your own WMI filter for Group Policies.It will create new ones & name them perfectly for identification. This is hardcoded to operating system & part of IPv6 ISATAP transition technology.

To discover an ISATAP router these clients can query ISTAP. If client is able to resolve ISATAP router’s DNS record, it will able to subscribe IPv6 Prefix & published routes.

Version: This was pieced together from various sources on the internet.

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