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17-Dec-2017 19:14

This random young man's advice ran directly contrary to what the PT had told me, which was that squatting with large weights slowly was not only safer, but works muscles more effectively.

I mention this because, in my experience, there's a lot of this sort of peer-to-peer advice-giving going on in your average gym.

Over the past decade, ie since gyms went mainstream, male hospitalisations for eating disorders have risen by 70 per cent, according to excellent charity Men Gets Eating Disorders Too. Obsession with being muscular is not the same as wanting to be healthy and whilst gyms can undoubtedly assist men with the latter, they can just as easily fuel the former. After all, I'm a member of one and find it an incredibly convenient way to stay strong and fit.

But I'm also a 34-year-old adult with the critical faculty to question the more dodgy aspects of gym culture and to not let it dominate my every waking thought.

The average state school child does just a single, one-hour session of PE per week. My group, the Self-Esteem Team, are currently researching in all boys schools to ensure we convey our mental wellbeing message in a way that will resonate with them.

Teenage boys are telling us that the lack of physical activity their average school day involves actually impedes their ability to concentrate in class.

It's a testosterone-fuelled space where teenage boys can find older men who will instruct and induct them into the ways of fitness culture.Sprints: Set out an area which is long enough to allow for you to build up speed and sprint from end to end.This exercise incorporates speed, agility, power and coordination.Aspects of the new wave of feminist thinking in our culture have also meant a lot of young men are struggling to find a sense of identity.

Educational psychologists will also tell you that boys tend to crave structure and routine more than girls, and like to work towards a tangible set of measurable short-term goals.This can be done moving forwards, backwards or even sideways.

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