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I think this old photo shows a pair of early Ford pickup trucks, the lefthand one showing a sign for A W Abbott - perhaps a farm owner?I've a number of photos similar to this but none really identifies what or where this is?There is very little other traffic around so must have been photographed early in the morning or on a Sunday Appears to be a photograph printed up as a postcard showing a mother and son alongside an open-sided 1920s car, complete with Shell 2 gallon fuel can on the running boards.The handwritten note on the back mentions 'hot snow' and 'deposits on the shores of Lake Nakuru' which a quick search tells me is in Kenya Identifying old coaches and buses isnt something I'm good at but the PMT logo on the side of this old stager suggests to me that it was operated in the Potteries in the 1950s (note the more modern machine alongside).A fascinating large photograph that I found in a charity shop. Ceuta is a Spanish enclave on the coast of Morocco I've read.The inscription on the back tells me that it is taken at the quayside in Ceuta from the deck of the S. There are many photos of old cars here alongside the ship, with many official looking gentlemen in evidence - the car in the foreground also has a flag attached to its radiator so must be for someone important!I'm sure Shell would have been very unimpressed if that load of Bulk Liquid Sulphur ended up in the drink!

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Perhaps the roofrack was used to transport this ladies elderly wheelchair? Lots of cheery ladies in and around a vintage motorcar, several clutching oversize bottles of Guinness.and the advertising boarding behind for Export Woodbine cigarettes One of my favourite photos! ) lorry and how it came to end up nosedown in a River, probably the River Mersey which runs near to the Shell Stanlow refinery in England?I suspect someone forgot to apply the handbrake and only the spare wheel digging into the quayside stopped the lorry from going straight in!This couple are posed in (or rather behind) a MG lookalike sports car of 1930s style complete with painted scenery behind.

Quite why a car would be posed against a background suggesting it was stuck in the sea is not recorded.27 on the rear of the coachwork Another photo of this '28 Buick. And an early steam train whistles past on the elevated railway tracks beyond Here is the 1928 Buick that I have a number of photos of.

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