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“They’re under there,” he said, pointing to the dresser.

Knight took another step forward and——Castro slammed the door shut behind them. All she could do was stare at the two metal poles on either side of the room, and the taut wire running between them.

Suddenly, Knight felt herself being roughly hoisted into the air.

Her entire body dangled, face down, in a plank position about a foot above the floor, neck cocked, back arched slightly, hands and feet bound behind her.

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A young woman walked into a Family Dollar store in Cleveland, exhausted, sweaty and desperate.

They started talking about Knight’s son, Joey, and then Castro mentioned that his dog had just had puppies.

By the time he pulled up to his house on Seymour Avenue, just a few blocks from where Knight lived, he’d convinced her to take one home for Joey.

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She gently pats her short blond hair and points to a meaty green animal tattooed around her right wrist. She raises her left sleeve and drops her shoulder, revealing five large roses cascading down her arm, each one covered in drops of blood.

The gender makeup of the city was 53.0% male and 47.0% female.… continue reading »

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