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21-Sep-2017 08:33

Brought back to life by a struggle for cultural revival which the Oromo have waged during the last fifty, the festival is now playing a significant role in the manifestation and preservation of Oromo national identity.

The festival in its traditional form is celebrated in different localities across Oromia.

Nations around the world organize parades for different reasons.

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It creates a “mental state” shared by the entire Oromo nation.As a journalist from is a sort of family gathering.” Indeed, the festival is a sacred come-together for the different branches of the Oromo nation. However, given that the ruling Tigrayan elite are nervous about every Oromo gathering and that they have shown unprecedented impunity against the Oromo people, the possibility of interference by its security forces that can turn the tranquil “family gathering” into a bloody scene cannot be disregarded.