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These are marked as mobilisable in the organisational charts below. The Short Leave or mobilisable status of subunits below company level is only indicated as far as known.

For the sake of clarity the subunit marked as being on Short Leave is always the one last in line (e.g. In reality things were not that straightforward; in most armoured infantry battalions for instance the Short Leave status rotated from A to B to C Company, whilst in most cavalry battalions the Short Leave squadron was always C Squadron. Military service officially lasted 24 months, but of these only 14 months were actually served (16 months for reserve officers and conscript sub-officers).

The 1st Amphibious Group was trained for temperate climate operations, and would be attached to 2 Amphibious Combat Group if that unit would be deployed with the United Kingdom/Netherlands Landing Force (UK/NL LF) in non-arctic regions; it also handled the training of frogmen and frogmen instructors, as well as anti-frogman and anti-sabotage training for ships' crews.

The 2nd Amphibious Group was specialised in maritime counterterrorism operations, notably concerning offshore oil and gas installations in the North Sea, and could be attached to the Marine Corps Special Assistance Unit (BBE-M); it was also available for general assignments.

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The Amphibious Section of the Marine Corps was an elite unit specialised in amphibious reconnaissance, sabotage actions and maritime counterterrorism operations.The platoon carried a basic load of one hundred and eight M222 Dragon missiles, distributed as follows: eighteen with each antitank section (first line), six with each antitank section commander (first supplement), and thirty-six with the platoon command group (secondary supplement). For operations in northern Norway 1 Amphibious Combat Group had 57 x Volvo Bv 202 tracked over-snow vehicle. 750, VVKM 410 On mobilisation 14 Infantry Company would for the most part be formed from surplus personnel (bovenrol) at the Royal Naval Institute (Koninklijk Instituut voor de Marine, KIM) in Den Helder, Van Braam Houckgeest Barracks in Doorn and, predominantly, Van Ghent Barracks in Rotterdam; in addition twenty-four reservists would be called up. 3rd Platoon, 23 Infantry Company: one man stationed at Van Braam Houckgeest Barracks; one man at Van Ghent Barracks; and thirty-two men mobilisable. ¶ 25 Combat Support Company: twenty-one men stationed at Van Braam Houckgeest Barracks; sixty-seven men stationed with the Marine Detachment at Naval Air Station Valkenburg (constituting the larger parts of the antitank platoon, the antiaircraft section and the infantry pioneer section); thirty-seven men with Marine Detachment Den Helder, Division De Kooy (constituting the larger part of the mortar platoon); the reconnaissance platoon at Naval Base Parera; and nine men mobilisable. 3 Amphibious Combat Group strength: 15/69/360 (444). These would probably be placed under the operational command of 1 and 2 Amphibious Combat Group respectively. One company staff, and five navy patrol platoons (1-2-3-4-5). Navy Patrol Company Netherlands strength: 7/26/228 (261).

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