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He ended up killing many more; 33 of his victims were under 18.Breivik later described his massacre as his “book launch.” In a way, he was right: No one had been interested in reading his polemics before he placed a bomb outside the prime minister’s office in downtown Oslo and later that day shot teenagers at a Labor Party youth camp on the island of Utøya, an hour’s drive from the capital.Adele Matheson Mestad, a lawyer for the Norwegian state, told the court Breivik's ideology is especially dangerous right now because the large numbers of refugees entering Europe have given rise to an increase in right-wing activity on the continent.Were he able to communicate freely, Mestad said, Breivik could encourage sympathizers to commit acts of violence.

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Deeply troubled as a child, Breivik joined Norway’s right-wing Progress Party at the age of 18 and then steadily moved further to the right.Etter 20 t-skjorter er du kanskje nede i 2-3 sekunder. Bretting av klær er en av mange trivielle oppgaver man ikke kan unngå med mindre du er så heldig å få hjelp til dette (hvis det er andre som bretter for deg, hva med å tipse de om denne teknikken - de vil garantert bli takknemlige! Kanskje sparer hver person bare noen timer i løpet av ett år på å lære denne teknikken (men i løpet av et helt liv er det snakk om dager, uker eller måneder).Hvis alle i hele Norge hadde lært seg dette, og hvis det finnes - la oss si - 1 million som utfører denne oppgaven i landet, vil tidsbesparelsen være på flere millioner timer hvert år!Breivik is escorted by prison guards as he enters the court room in Skien prison in Skien, Norway, March 15.

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Breivik is charging Norwegian authorities of violating his human rights by holding him in isolation for almost five years.Even far from Norway, Breivik’s supporters found comfort in seeing him perform the Nazi salute.

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