Dating advice get second date

22-Jun-2017 11:39

Take it for what it is – a date, and an opportunity to get to know more about the person.

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That’s ok; everyone does it, and there’s nothing wrong with trying to present the best of you on a first date.

When dates meet you, they will know the difference and won’t appreciate it. (wait for response) We should go sometime.” Easy as that!

You’ll be right back where you started and will have wasted everyone’s time. I hear from a lot of daters when they come back from dates, “I just didn’t get the feeling he/she was that into it.” This is the saddest reason for a dating prospect to die. Make sure you verbally say, “I’m having a great time! It shows you aren’t selfish or expectant – two things that make for undesirable partners. It works for hiking, restaurants, museums, coffee shops, etc.

Use these clues to maintain your momentum with your next online first date. Ways to make a good first impression include looking put together and clean, being on time, smiling, using a firm handshake or warm hug, making eye contact, practicing good posture and being able to start a conversation. Make sure your body language is open and comfortable.

Watch for arms crossed over chests or making your overall body space smaller by hunching.

But, the worst thing you can do on a second date is completely forget all that, turn up in old tracksuit bottoms and pick your nose all evening.