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He takes this harshly, and does not approve of these options.

He is taken to a dance school, run by Lila Duvane (Ellen Albertini Dow), a tyrannical débutante, and hates it at first; then he meets Tiffany (Jennifer Ogletree), a pretty little girl recently moved to town, but Murph — who had asked him to dance with his sister, Bertha (Edwards) — informs him that three boys, the Prairie Dogs' Scout Duke Philim (Brock Pierce), the bad boy and roller hockey team's captain Blade (Jake Richardson), and the flamboyant actor Corky Mc Cullum (Blake Mc Iver Ewing), have already taken her.

Ben meets Sarah at Big Ben's, and it is discovered that she was with Scoutmaster Phlim, and subsequently broken up with him.

When Junior comes back to get his braces tightened, he gets his revenge for his humiliation he received from them by releasing laughing gas that knocks Dr. They later wake up wearing braces, with her tied to the patient chair and him hanging from the ceiling fan by his.

In it, Junior is a preteen and is in love with a girl named Tiffany. Things take a mischievous turn when he finds out there are three other boys interested in her as well.

In this installment, he is portrayed by Justin Chapman and Ben is portrayed by William Katt.

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Here are 5 signs that you might be dating a “man child": 1. This can be anything from the mundane—picking up his clothes and food items around your shared living space—to the more serious, such as picking up after his unpaid debts, picking up the tab more often than not, or picking out Christmas or birthday gifts for his family.The audience is told that Murph (Eric Edwards), one of his classmates, told on him, and the principal called his dad, Ben (William Katt), prompting him to take him to get help.