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I know what it’s like to think faith is a , not a gullible weakness.I know what it’s like to be confused by the Trinity, the failure of prayers, or Biblical contradictions but to genuinely embrace them as the mystery of God.

Hi, I came across your site while trying to find good audiobooks I can download. I can see that you are such a brilliant man, an intelligent one, and I believe God will speak to you (or have already been speaking), I jsut pray you will find it in you to listen to Him. Personally im still a christian who is trying to fight the good fight.My mother volunteered to support Christian missionaries around the world.I went to church, Bible study, and other church functions every week. For 12 years I attended a Christian school that taught Bible classes and creation science. As a teenager I made trips to China and England to tell the atheists over there about Jesus. Sometimes I would tingle and sweat with the Holy Spirit.The gospels were written decades after Jesus’ death, by non-eyewitnesses. Almost everything I read – even the books written by conservative Christians – gave me reason to doubt, not less. I felt like my best friend – my source of purpose and happiness and comfort – was dying. The atheists made plain, simple sense, and the Christian philosophers were lost in fog of big words that tried to hide the weakness of their arguments. On January 11, 2007, I whispered to myself: “There is no God.” The next day I emailed my buddy Mark: I didn’t want to bother you, but I’m lost and despairing and I could really use your help, if you can give it. I do not WANT to live in an empty, cold, ultimately purposeless universe in which I am worthless and inherently alone.

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They are riddled with contradictions, legends, and known lies. And how could I accept the miracle claims about Jesus when I outright rejected other ancient miracle claims as superstitious nonsense? I made a historical study of Jesus, which led me to a study of the Bible, historical and philosophical arguments for and against God, atheist arguments, etc. I hope that I find a real, true God in my journey of blind faith. Even the smartest ones just made lots of noise about “the mystery of God.” They used big words so that it sounded like they were saying something precise and convincing.I feel like I’ve been born again, again.reason – to believe, God simply wasn’t there.

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