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18-Jun-2017 09:09

He’s always been a GREAT husband, father, and best friend, and he says he will spend an eternity apologizing and making it right.

Of the few times we’ve spent together alone in the last week or so, I feel great, safe, and confident.

I don’t know how you can fully process, grieve, and move on from what happened if you have to see this woman on a regular basis. I wouldn’t be so fast to discount his responsibility here. Or, was getting you to the hospital safely another thing he didn’t have to be responsible for? You told him your mother living with you would be for a “short time,” but she she was still with you a year and a half later. You should be filled with so much fury that the thought of sharing space, let alone emotional and physical intimacy, with this man should be one of the last things on your mind.

In the meantime, you should distance yourself even further from your mother.