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In the coenozoic era, the fossils of various mammals are abundant.

On the basis of fossil study, it has been shown that the early organisms were very different from their modern forms, viz., the early man lived in the caves without any social life and spent their life like beasts, but man progressed and the modem man has become civilized, and leads a vigorous social life.

Reptilian Characters of Archaeopteryx: (a) The body axis is more or less lizard-like, (b) A long tail is present, (c) The bones are not pneumatic, (d) The jaws are provided with simi­lar teeth, (e) The hand bears a typical reptilian plan and each finger terminates in a claw, (f) Presence of a weak sternum, (g) Presence of free caudal vertebrae as found in lizards.

Avian Characters of Archaeopteryx: (a) Presence of feathers on the body, (b) The two jaws are modified into a beak, (c) The fore limbs are modified into wings, (d) The hind-limbs are built on the typical avian plan, (e) An intimate fusion of the skull bones as seen in the birds.

So fossils were not in plenty in the beginning as they were in later stage.

The distribution of fossils indicates that early fossils present in the bottom rocks are simple, however the recent fossils found in the upper layers of the rocks are more complex.

The following list identifies the major evolutionary trend of horses.

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Thus Huxley is justified in calling ‘birds are the glorified reptiles’.

The palaeozoic era contains abundant fossils of invertebrates, fishes and am­phibians.